A Day Without A Dutertard


When a mysterious fog surrounds the boundaries of California, there is a communication breakdown and all the Mexicans disappear, affecting the economy and the state stops working missing the Mexican workers and dwellers.

This happened in 2004.

Of course, it was just a fictional Hollywood film.

But what happens if, in reality, all the Dutertards disappear just for one day?  Let’s imagine what transpires:

Government comes to a standstill, with no employees to staff the offices, hospitals, the fire department, the police department. Congress declares a recess.

The navy ships are grounded, the military facilities are in a lock-down.

No malls are open, supermarkets are closed and even public market vendors are nowhere to be found.

The trains and buses stop running. Taxis, Grab and Uber drivers go off duty. The motor sounds of jeepneys are suddenly muffled.

There is no traffic on EDSA.  Or anywhere.

Brownouts happen but there are no electricians or technicians to come to the rescue.

Cooking a family meal becomes a big challenge, but eating out is not an option — all restaurants are closed for the day.

The Internet is down. Rappler’s Maria Ressa is very frustrated.  Facebook and Twitter go dark.  It is impossible to send a text message.  Filipinos now regret giving up their landlines.

Stocks tumble.

Incoming passengers at NAIA are stranded at Immigration and Customs.  There’s no one to process their travel documents.

Outgoing passengers are stranded as well. Including UN Rapporteur Agnes Callamard.  She finally understands the true meaning of 86%!

In the meantime, President Rodrigo Duterte calls in sick.  Rather, he stays home in Davao City, working and working…



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