What Happened To The Leni Robredo Who Sneaked Out Of The SONA Red Carpet?

IMG_2942Politikal Pinoy must admit that he was very impressed when he saw a photo of then Congresswoman Leni Robredo sneaking out of the red carpet ceremonies and taking the back stairs to get to the session hall for the president’s State of the Nation Address (SONA).  Wow, I thought. We needed more of elected officials like her who shun the spotlight and the cameras to show to the world that public office is not about glam and glitter.

Fast forward to Leni the Vice President.

Thanks to her hired PR managers, her every move, her every statement, her every whatever is caught on camera. Whether it’s waiting for the imaginary bus or donning her tsinelas (flip flops) to commune with those in the laylayan, she’s always caught on camera.  Either that or she consciously poses for propaganda pictures.

Her latest PR blitz was nothing but a disaster.

Released photos show her renewing her supposedly expired driver’s license at the LTO Office in Naga.  Captions of the photos pointed out that the Vice President — like everyone else — got in line to transact business with LTO.  No VIP treatment. No unnecessary facilitation of the process.

Netizens were quick to point out that Robredo has a close personal relationship with an official of the Naga LTO.

But we really didn’t need that exposé, because the pictures said it all.

There was no queue during Robredo’s visit.  She seemed to be the only one transacting business with LTO at the time of her visit.  The cameras just happened to be in that same location at that time, and the LTO personnel seemed ready with their smartphones to snap a photo of Robredo.  (For sure, not a few selfies with Robredo had taken place.)

So what happened to the Robredo who shunned the cameras during that SONA red carpet ceremony?  Or was  the “snapshot” of her back stairs escapade really a ploy of her PR managers?


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