RAISSA ROBLES: When An ‘Investigative Journalist’ Moonlights As An ‘Investment Broker’

IMG_2672I purposely put “investigative journalist” in quotes because I do not have convincing proof that blogger Raissa Robles is one, as she claims to be.

I follow her tweets, just like I follow Donald Trump’s, not for anything else but to make sure that I have factual basis for rebutting their idiotic ideas and opinions.

One such tweet from Robles was about her complaint that Filipino taxpayers pay for a government loan to build modern and efficient infrastructure and yet they are again made to pay to maintain that infrastructure via a private management company.

‘Double whammy,’ she says.

Aren’t you glad Robles is not your investment broker?  Otherwise, she would have you invest your hard-earned money but then do nothing to protect your investment.

When you buy a condo, it’s not the end of your investment.  You have to pay monthly homeowner’s fees in order to help maintain your investment.  You wouldn’t want your condo to just rot and self-destruct after some years, would you?

Well, it’s true, your private condo is not paid with taxpayer money, but many things are, like the street in front of your home.

Taxpayers chip in to build or pave the street, but they continue to do so every time government repairs occasional potholes.  That’s just the reality.

So when Robles complains that taxpayers chip in to take on loans to help build mass transportation then pay for a private management company,  she doesn’t want you to maintain that infrastructure.  She would rather have the trains run without needed maintenance.  She doesn’t care about your safety and convenience. She’s okay with you investing on beneficial infrastructure, but not on investing to keep that infrastructure in tip top shape for years to come — for you and your children.

Politikal Pinoy has some advise to our followers (and critics alike): choose your investment broker wisely.  And be weary of self-proclaimed ‘investigative journalists.’



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