Did VP Leni Robredo Just Cause Embarrassment To The Filipino Community In Boston?

“Garbage-diving” (Photo: Internet capture)

It is estimated that there are 359,000 Filipinos living in Boston, Massachusetts.  Many are respected professionals and have worked their way up to become successful and law-abiding citizens of the city.

Like many Filipino Americans elsewhere, the Filipino Bostonians have had their share of discrimination and racial bias — a reality still much alive in modern-day America.

So when the Vice President of the Philippines goes on her radio program to say that while in Boston to help her Harvard-bound daughter set up her apartment, she went garbage-hunting, looking for still-usable items that people have thrown into the trash, it strikes a sour note among FilAms.

Not that there is anything wrong with garbage-diving.  In most states in the U.S., it is not even illegal — unless it happens inside private property, in which case it would constitute trespassing.

But if it is done by the second highest official of a country who dismisses it as “that’s what we do in America,” then it does not only insult Americans but causes undue embarrassment to FilAms.

We can only second-guess what was on Robredo’s mind when she talked about her garbage-diving in Boston during her radio program.  Perhaps it was to show her believers that she is a person from the laylayan — the less fortunate and abandoned members of Philippine society —  who are struggling to make a decent living. Yes, even resorting to searching the trash to make ends meet.

But for someone who can afford to send her daughter to Harvard while being able to travel abroad at her leisure, laylayan doesn’t seem a description that fits her.

And by the way, Madam Robredo, “that’s not what we do in America.”  Well, at least not most of us Filipinos. In Boston or elsewhere.

In case you didn’t know, we go to IKEA and buy stuff.  Assembly required, of course!


6 thoughts on “Did VP Leni Robredo Just Cause Embarrassment To The Filipino Community In Boston?

  1. Leni thought its an idea that will attract sympathizers n support her . Wrong advise by her LP party . I dont think her daughter could finish her schooling at harvard . Leni please change your style n support your duly elected pres Du30 .


  2. FAKE news. In this posted picture was a man not Leno. Look at the hip and legs. Shame on you for maliciously smearing the VP Leni. Failed and fake photo. Only stupid people will believe this FAKE news. Tanga at gago Ka.


    1. It’s great that you took the time to analyze the posted picture, including the hips and legs. What you failed to do was analyze the story and our site which would have told you that it is SATIRE 🙂

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