Why Leni Robredo Should Be Worried About President Duterte’s Health

IMG_2314.JPGSome Filipinos — mostly those who support Leni Robredo and the Opposition party — have expressed their concern about the non-public appearance of Rodrigo Duterte in recent days, speculating that the President may be having some serious health issues.

In his usual brilliant response, Duterte said: “What’s your problem? We have a Vice President!”

And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is why Leni Robredo should be worried.

That anti-Duterte folks are concerned about the president’s health and possible incapacity or death means one thing and one thing only: they are worried that Robredo becomes President.

Because why else would they make so much noise about Duterte’s health when the direct result of the president’s incapacity or death means the rise to power of their protége, Leni Robredo?

The Office of the Vice President should take that as the lack of confidence in the ability and qualification of Robredo to become President.

We see no other reason for the yellows to be making such a big deal about a few days of Duterte being missing from public view.

Ms. Robredo, be worried. Very worried.



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