Cashing In On Gambling

IMG_2095.JPGIsabela Representative Rodolfo Albano III wants casinos to charge an entrance fee of P3,000 to deter those who can “ill afford” to gamble and to prevent gambling addiction.

Under the bill filed by Isabela Rep. Rodolfo Albano III, the casino entrance charge shall be collected from any person who is not an official or employee of the gambling house every time he or she enters the establishment.

This will “serve as a deterrent to those who lack the resources or can ill afford to engage in casino gambling,” said Albano, a PDP-Laban member.

Many of our lawmakers are known for their “band-aid” solutions to the nation’s problems. This is one perfect example.

To think that a P3,000 fee would put an end to gambling addiction is a clear indication of the utter lack of understanding about this social ill.

I digress, but did you know that in the Old West, gambling was considered a profession?

Albano’s proposal assumes that those who have an extra P3,000 in their pocket can afford the addiction.   Did the good Congressman even think that a gambling addict will resort to all means possible to raise that extra P3,000 — including incurring debt or engaging in unlawful money-making ventures?  The ways of gambling addicts are no different from those of drug or alcohol addicts.

May I remind the Congressman that casinos are not the only venues for gambling. It happens in street corners in neighborhoods, in bingo parlors in churches and malls, in school raffles, in lottery booths all over the country.

It happens even in living rooms when family members wager cash to root for either the Golden State Warriors or the Cleveland Cavaliers.

It’s time we put back sensibility in the halls of Congress!






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