A MessageTo Duterte’s Warriors: They Go Low, We Go High

IMG_1742“They go low, we go high.”

That, of course, is a famous quote from former First Lady Michele Obama during last year’s U.S. presidential campaign.  It is a message that Politikal Pinoy would like to impart to all our Duterte warriors and supporters, especially on social media.

Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of supposed quotes from anti-Duterte folks, many of which have no basis in fact.  In other words, fake quotes being passed on as fact (we’re not talking about satirical posts here.)

While it is quite entertaining to read the reactions from the Duterte camp, it is, at the same time, frustrating that some people on our side are resorting to the very same tactics that we criticize the ‘ Yellowtards’ for — trolls and fakes.

By all means, let’s respond with all our might to the stupid and dumb comments of those who oppose the President and his actions, but let us ourselves not be purveyors of fakery and below-the belt messages.  Before we hit that “send” or “share” button, let’s take a moment to fact check and verify to make sure that we don’t go down to the level of our opponents where their desperation breeds nothing but falsehood.

Otherwise, we’re just giving more ammunition to our opponents to try to malign us and our advocacies.



One thought on “A MessageTo Duterte’s Warriors: They Go Low, We Go High

  1. I don’t understand when we being the upperhand have to be vengeful and foul-mouthed – let them rant and bash but let us reason with dignity!


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