The Bigger Driving Distractions

IMG_1539Sure, using mobile devices like cell phones and GPS machines, or displaying trinkets and other items on car windows that compromise drivers’ sight of the roadway are and can be distractions, but the new Anti-Dirving Distraction Law seems to have missed the greatest distraction of all: advertising billboards.

Just three seconds of glancing at a mobile device while driving can most definitely cause fatal accidents.  But what about several minutes of reading the messages on advertising billboards?   That’s minutes of the drivers’ sight OFF the road.

So while rosaries and trinkets or occasional glances at mobile devices for traffic directions or alerts are driver distractions, those advertising billboards are worse and  could prove more dangerous or, heaven forbid, fatal.

Now that the implementation of the new law has been suspended, we hope that the more rationale of minds will prevail in the review of the details, and that they focus on the elephant in the room, not the little bugs.

And while they’re at it, our lawmakers should seriously consider including an educational component addressing the consequences of dangerous behavior such as distracted driving because sometimes, legislating is not enough.  It must be coupled with promoting and instilling discipline.





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