Dear National Union Of Journalists Of The Philippines…

IMG_1636.PNGDear NUJP:

Very recently, you criticized the government-run Philippine News Agency (PNA) for posting “fake news” that claims 95 out of 105 nations agree there were no extrajudicial killings (EJK) in the Philippines.

As a former journalist and executive director of the Asian American Journalists Association, I have great appreciation for a group like yours in  advocating for true, fair and balanced reporting.

I write this letter wondering if the NUJP would censure its own members when they themselves fabricate news.

Like the Inquirer.

It recently posted alleged photos of the aftermath of the Marawi City siege, showing vehicles on fire and an apparent chaos.

Lo and behold, the photos used had nothing to do with the situation in Marawi. They were photos from a 2013 bombing incident in Cotabato City. One was very similar to a copyrighted photo by Getty Images, the other a photo that appeared on Rappler. Both were in reference to the 2013 Cotabato incident.

Will you now also condemn the Inquirer for this breach of public trust and a violation of your mission as a journalism organization?

IMG_1571For some reason, I suspect that you would just sweep this under the rug, knowing that majority of your officers and board members are affiliated with the Inquirer.

Or maybe you could prove me wrong and issue a public censure of the Inquirer?

Truly yours,

Politikal Pinoy

(Note:  Inquirer issued a statement on this fiasco, blaming the error on an unnamed “reliable source,” a local government official.)

Aren’t we all reminded about this?




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