VP Leni Robredo’s Radio Program Devoid Of Politics, And Wisdom

IMG_1356The Inquirer described it as a pilot episode of a radio program devoid of any political talk, where Vice President Leni Robredo focused on discussing issues concerning parenthood and family nutrition. But what it failed to say was that it was also devoid of wisdom.

It was ironic that Robredo’s radio show debuted on Mother’s Day because she had this advice for Filipino working mothers:

‘Nothing will ever take the place of the time you spend with your children. Some working mothers I know would say that giving their children quality time is okay. But I tell them, no. Quality time is not okay. It should be quantity time, which means parents should spend all the time they could with their children”.

So there you have it dear working mothers, quit your jobs and stay at home with your kids while they play computer games or watch TV all day. Take them out to lunch or dinner often but make sure you choose a restaurant with free wi-fi so that their text exchanges with their friends are not interrupted. Take them often on road trips and keep an eye on them through your rear view mirror while they listen for hours to their kind of music with the expensive headphones you bought them for their recent birthday.

I’m sure the Vice President has many other tips for you in her radio program’s future episodes.  For now, always remember her great advice: quantity, not quality.

As far as nutrition is concerned? I didn’t tune in to her radio show, so I’m not sure she gave her listeners some tips on how to prepare home-made lugaw. Or maybe, that’s for next week’s show.




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