Leni Robredo: Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, Who’s Really The Greatest Troll Of Them All?

Photo mock-up courtesy of the satire site, Adobo Chronicles

While “waiting for something to happen to the President,” Leni Robredo seems to be having so much fun speaking at international conferences or making video and other statements bashing her own government and people.

On Friday, the Vice President took a swipe at online trolls and bashers who harass women on social media and other virtual platforms.

Speaking at the Global Summit of Women in Tokyo, Robredo cited how the times have become more difficult for women because of the anonymity that cyberspace affords abusers.

“In some respects, protecting a woman’s dignity and character is more difficult in the virtual sphere, where just about anyone can make irresponsible comments, often anonymously,” Robredo said.

Perhaps we all need to contribute to buy Robredo a Mother’s Day gift — a mirror with yellow gold trimmings.

Yes, a mirror, so that she can see herself and her minions doing the exact things that she has accused her critics of doing.

Anonymous? Pro-Duterte social media warriors have never hid behind fake accounts or masked their real identities.  Many of Leni’s followers have.

Harassing women? Where was Robredo when blogger Mocha Uson was harassed and insulted on social media after Duterte announced her appointment as Assistant Secretary of the Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO)?  And in reacting to Senator Tito Sotto’s misogynistic comments about single mom DSWD Secretary Judy Taguiwalo, Robredo made it about herself instead of focusing on the unfair treatment of Taguiwalo at her Senate confirmation hearing.

Dignity and character? What about Robredo’s frequent condemnation of the character of President Duterte — using fake numbers and without any solid proof?  How about Robredo’s disregard for the dignity of 16 million Filipinos who have democractically elected a leader whom they think would bring much needed change in the government and country?  And yes, how about the dignity of 70% of the nation who support the President and the way he is managing the country?

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s really the greatest troll of them all?


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