Senator Tito Sotto Should Attend One of Judy Taguiwalo’s Classes On Women Studies


If you’re a woman, you shouldn’t be out and about having a shot of alcohol. If you’re a woman and have children, make sure you are married. These, according to the great plagiarizing Senator, Tito Sotto.

My jaw dropped when Sotto asked Social Welfare Secretary Judy Taguiwalo to confirm that she had two children. When she did, he followed up with, “but you’re single.”

To add insult to injury, Sotto quoted what he termed as “street talk” that when a woman has kids out of wedlock, then she was “na-ano.” Loosely translated, it means “impregnated by accident.”

Sotto’s comments couldn’t have been more misogynistic and disrespectful to the millions of single women who have taken up the challenge and responsibility of raising their kids. It speaks of Sotto’s archaic idea that women are to be held to a different standard from those married men who consider infidelity as a natural part of the macho culture.

Many will recall an episode of Sotto’s TV show, “Juan For All, All For Juan,” when a contest winner shared an incident where she alleged that a male friend had taken advantage of her when she was drunk.

Sotto’s response? “Kasalanan ng lahat ng yan ng pag-inom… Kababae mong tao pa-shot shot ka (That’s all because of drinking. You’re a woman and you’re doing shots?)” His Co-host Jose Manalo added: “Anong suot mo? Naka-shorts ka no? (What were you wearing? You were in shorts weren’t you?)”

Kudos to Taguiwalo for her calm but loaded response to Sotto’s questioning:
“I teach Women’s Studies so we respect all kinds of families, and that includes solo parents.”

May I suggest that the senator attend one of Taguiwalo’s classes?


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