U.S. Media Treat North Korea’s Kim Jong-un Kinder And Gentler Than Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte

IMG_1050When President Donald Trump announced he had invited Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte to The White House, the U.S. media went ballistic! Nowhere was this most evident than in CNN’s news headline trumpeting that Trump had invited an “admitted killer.”

But it was at about the same time that  Trump said it would be an honor to meet with North Korea’s Kim Jong-un.  But there was only silence from the news media.

Duterte, who was democratically elected by 16 Million Filipinos and who remains extremely popular among his countrymen. Duterte, who is much respected by the leaders of the ASEAN nations as well others including China, Russia, Australia and some countries in Europe. Duterte, who in less than a year into his presidency, has instituted some of the most critical reforms and programs never before seen in previous administrations.

And Kim, who is considered by governments as the greatest threat to world peace and security.  Kim who has constantly threatened to launch missiles into the continental United States. Kim, who has executed those who go against him, including his own blood relatives. Yes, that Kim who practically inherited the power he now holds.

Oh, and yes, Duterte, who in that much-criticized phone call with Trump, asked the U.S. President not to start a war with North Korea.

What is the U.S. media so afraid of about Duterte?  Rather, what’s in it for the U.S. media that they would do everything to discredit his presidency and destabilize the Philippine government and the Filipino people?






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