I Call Upon All Anti-Duterte Filipino Americans…

IMG_0990“All” here means Filipino Americans who are anti-Duterte and who have been making a lot of noise condemning the Philippines’ war on drugs or supporting U.S. and world sanctions against Duterte and the Filipino people.  I make this point because I know there are a lot of fellow FilAms who totally support Duterte, along with the overwhelming majority of Filipinos living in the Philippines.

So now that your president, Donald Trump, has invited Duterte to visit America and The White House, I call upon you to focus your “activism” right where you are — in America.

For starters, why don’t you all gather in front of the Philippine Embassy in Washington, D.C. and the consulates in various U.S. cities to protest Trump’s invitation?  Better still, why don’t you picket The White House or even the United Nations Headquarters in New York? Or, if you can, try to organize a Million March in the nation’s capital asking the world to condemn Donald Trump.

And since this is the age of social media and the Internet, why doesn’t one of your “community leaders” author an online petition to impeach Trump?  Perhaps you can also pen a letter to the International Criminal Court asking that a case be filed against Trump for crimes against humanity.  After all, there is a saying, “Tell me who your friends are, and I’ll tell you who you are.”

In the meantime, leave the Filipinos alone to chart their own destiny, to decide for themselves what’s good for them and their beloved country.

Maybe, just maybe, when you decide to visit your country of birth in the next few years — with your balikbayan boxes in tow — you will find a peaceful and prosperous paradise, not just in Boracay or Palawan, but every nook and corner of the Philippines.  You might even be greeted by the Filipinos with the traditional “Mabuhay!”



2 thoughts on “I Call Upon All Anti-Duterte Filipino Americans…

  1. You nailed it, PP! And also extend it to the ASEAN members’ Presidents for being friendly to PRRD and the Philippines!

    MABUHAY si President Tay Digong at ang bansang Pilipinas!!!

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  2. I am Filipino American citizen but I love President Duterte and proud to be called Dutertards or whatever they want to call I don’t care. President Duterte is the best president the Philippines ever have. The Philippines gained more respect in the entire planet because he is a FIRM leader of the nation. I believe only a few is opposing it because of their personal interest. Long live the Philippines, Long live the Filipinos and Long live President Duterte.

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