I Have Some Questions For The New York Times


Congratulations to The New York Times for winning a Pulitzer Prize for breaking news photography, feature writing and international reporting. Your Daniel Berehulak won for a searing photo essay titled “They Are Slaughtering Us Like Animals” that supposedly provided a haunting portrait of a violent drug crackdown in the Philippines.

I also congratulate you for your opinion pieces in recent days asking the world to condemn President Rodrigo Duterte and painting the Philippines’ judicial system as an “Injustice System.” (I wonder how ours compares to the U.S. “Justice System.”)

You certainly are a master of  dramatic reporting, always looking for suspected criminals and their families that you claim to be the victims of what you insist is a state-sponsored extra-judicial campaign under the  war on drugs.

But I often wonder why as a respected publication that’s supposed to be a beacon of fair, accurate and balanced reporting, I haven’t seen you do stories or editorials on behalf of the victims of drugs addicts or drug lords?

Why do you not do stories of Filipinos like this innocent 11-year-old girl who was held captive by a drug addict with a knife pointed to her heart?

Why are stories of women and children raped and murdered by drug addicts missing in your reporting?

Where are the stories of Filipino families broken apart because of drug use by one or several of its members?

Or are you just inadvertently missing out  on more possible Pulitzer Prizes for your great newspaper?


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