Let The World Condemn The New York Times

IMG_0867In what seemed like a paid ad or an infomercial, the Editorial Board of The New York Times called on the International Criminal Court (ICC) and the world to condemn Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.

And the basis for this editorial? A 77-page letter submitted by a Filipino lawyer to the ICC asking the international body to charge Duterte with “crimes against humanity.”

By publishing this opinion piece in the name of its Editorial Board, The New York Times just sank into a new low of hypocrisy and a betrayal of the tenets of sound journalism.

The piece could have been written by a high school senior for all we know.  It is touted as an opinion but when one dissects the editorial, it is nothing but woven snippets of biased news reports and re-statement of misinformation culled from other sources.

Whatever happened to the American principle of “innocent until proven guilty?” Has NYT assumed a new role of judicial court, handing down a conviction based on unreliable sources and perjured witnesses?

Does the NYT Editorial Board even know, or did basic research on, what it would take for the ICC to even consider a case or complaint brought to its attention?  It was quick to make a mountain out of a mole by singing praise for a letter penned by a lawyer who does not even have the standing to file a complaint before the ICC, and who is probably motivated by personal ambitions of international fame. Either that, or this lawyer is probably a paid instrument of elements out to destroy the popular president.

Has NYT been paid to publish this editorial? Well, to be fair, NYT is innocent until proven guilty.

And what hypocrisy it is for NYT to ask the world to condemn Duterte when America itself has refused to sign on to the treaty that created the ICC.  I think for the thinking minds, that’s called arrogance and bullying.

Let the world condemn this Pulitzer-winning newspaper. I suggest NYT consider converting into a tabloid.



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