Is Your Tinapa More Palatable Than The Inquirer?

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The meme on the Philippine Daily Inquirer’s (PDI) masthead says it all: “Balanced News + Fearless Views.”  But is that what news consumers get when they read this national newspaper?

Can readers expect utmost impartiality from PDI when it is riddled with conflicts of interest and violation of public trust?

Can we expect above-board coverage of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) when the publisher/owner of PDI has a personal affinity to the president of a mining company?

Can we believe PDI reports on taxes or the Bureau of Internal Revenue when its sister company Dunkin’ Donuts owes billions in unpaid taxes?

Can we trust PDI to espouse its views on real estate or legal and financial matters when it hasn’t paid its rent on the government property it has occupied for many years?

We’re not even talking here about allegations that PDI is biased towards the Yellow Party and against the Duterte administration.  That, of course, is subject to perception.

The tinapa from your local market is probably more authentic and palatable than the news and opinions you get from PDI.

With tinapa, what you see is what you get. And it even tastes awfully good.



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