Who Says Photos Don’t Lie?

The woman in both photos ( circled) is Mrs. Franklin (Mila) Drilon

As social media bloggers, many of us are always on the lookout for lies and misinformation spread by the news media or by partisan individuals especially when they are meant to criticize politicians or celebrities from either end of the spectrum.

So when our fellow bloggers spread information and photos that have not been fully researched or vetted, just to discredit personalities they do not favor, we cringe in disbelief.

Case in point is this photo that’s been going around on the Internet showing Senator Franklin Drilon supposedly spotted at The Vatican with Filipino American and Duterte Critic Loida Nicolas-Lewis.  The caption smacked of intrigue, as if, even if true,  Drilon and Lewis have no right to be seen or travel together.

Well, it turns out that the woman in the photo was Drilon’s wife, Mila, who we must admit, has some resemblance to Lewis.

If we stand for the truth and against all fabrication emanating from legitimate news media, then we must  ourselves be held to the same standards if we are to be credible as social media activists.

Editorial Note: The source of the original post did admit to the error and has since taken  down the photo.  But this has not prevented others to share away.  After all, what happens on the Internet stays on the Internet.


5 thoughts on “Who Says Photos Don’t Lie?

  1. Bakit ang Pangulo GRABENG MAGSALITA SA “biased media”, PERO SA LUMALALANG FAKE NEWS, karamihan pa ay may pangalan nya ‘yung url, BAKIT HINDI CYA MANAWAGAN SA MGA GUMAGAWA ng fake news na ITIGIL NA dahil hindi nakakatulong sa pag-unlad ng bansa. Puro image lang ang gustong pagtakpan ng mga fake news… na NAPAKABABAW at PANANDALIAN lang. Pagkatapos ng pagi-i imbestiga, saka malalamang gawa-gawaang news lang pala. Hindi ba’t nakakasayang ng oras ang makabasa ng fake news, mag-share, ang alamin kung totoo o hindi… tsk tsk tsk.


  2. Fascism has ascended into the blogging industry. The Age of Social Media gave power to everyone who has access to the internet. There are other who practice being responsible and there are others who really aim to make a ruse just to make a name for themselves. It’s a sad industry we’re living in.


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