Supreme Court Owes Us Some Answers To Questions Regarding Bongbong Marcos’ Election Protest


Politikal Pinoy is pleased that finally, the Supreme Court is moving on the election protest by former Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos against Vice President Leni Robredo.  To think that it has taken this long — coming up to one full year — for the high court to resolve this case is frustrating and is a disservice to the Filipino voters and the entire Philippine population for that matter.

We are not in a position to argue on the merits of the protest.  Only the court can.

But there are many questions on our minds that we think deserve an answer from the Supreme Court (SC).

  • How did the SC come up with the amounts of deposit required of Marcos and Robredo in order for the recount to proceed? Marcos was asked to pay P66,223,000 for the 132,446 precints he is protesting. Robredo was asked to pay P15,639,000.
  • It is our understanding that the amounts are “deposits.” Does this mean that if Marcos wins his case, that the full amount will be returned to him?  If Robredo loses, will she be asked to pay for Marcos’ share of the payment plus the amount required of her?
  • If it is proven that it was the Commission on Elections or its designated representatives that erred in the conduct of the election and election results, will the government assume full responsibility and pay the full cost of the recount?
  • The SC allegedly promulgated the resolution requiring the candidates to pay for the recount last March 21. But Marcos claims his camp received the resolution only last Monday — three days before the set deadline to pay for the required deposit. It smells of manipulation to disadvantage Marcos — or Robredo for that matter — in complying with the order.
  • Why hasn’t the SC thought about the fact that every single day of delay in acting on the election protest is a denial of the Filipino people’s right to have the duly elected Vice President assume the second highest position of the land?   It works both ways: if Robredo is indeed the winner in the election, it wasn’t fair for the voters to harbor continued doubts about the legitimacy of  the voting results for the past year; if Marcos is the legitimate winner, it has deprived the people of their true will embodied in the ballot box.

We hope that this issue which has dragged on long enough will be finally resolved and resolved quickly.  In the meantime, we still need answers to our questions.


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