Time For Human Rights Watch To Start Focusing On America’s ‘War On Drugs’


Human Rights Watch and other similar Western-based institutions and organizations have been so critical about the Philippines’ (and Presdent Rodrigo Duterte’s) war on drugs, focusing on alleged extra-judicial killings without providing much evidence to support their claims.  They have systematically ignored the fact that hundreds of thousands of drug addicts and users have voluntarily surrendered and that government efforts are ongoing to help in their rehabilitation .

Now, under the Trump administration, the U.S. seems poised to reinstate its own war on drugs that largely FAILED, according to this report by The Washington Post.

The plan is to prosecute more drug and gun cases and pursue mandatory minimum sentences. It basically brings back the national crime strategy of the 1980s and ’90s from the peak of the drug war, an approach that had fallen out of favor in recent years as minority communities grappled with the effects of mass incarceration.

“Our nation needs to say clearly once again that using drugs is bad,” Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions was quoted saying to law enforcement officials in a speech in Richmond last month. “It will destroy your life.”

Advocates of criminal justice reform argue that the Trump administration is  going in the wrong direction — back to a strategy that tore apart families and sent low-level drug offenders, disproportionately minority citizens, to prison for long sentences.

So, Politikal Pinoy can only expect Human Rights groups to start leaving the Philippines alone in its (so far) successful efforts to eradicate the pervasive drug problem that has remained unchecked — and even worsened — during past administrations.

It is now time for these groups to watch their own Western world so that they can be true watchdogs of their imperialistic concept of Human Rights.  The world community expects nothing less.

Politikal Pinoy also expects the Western media ever critical of Duterte to start publishing front page stories and documentaries about other “horrors” of America’s war on drugs.

Are you listening, TIME, New York Times, CNN?


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