Why So Quiet On The Leni Front?

Social media screengrab

Something has gone terribly wrong.  There’s this eerie silence on the Leni Robredo front and the news media that had been backing her up all the way.

I’m talking about the information blackout on the Vice President’s travel to South Africa reportedly to address a women’s conference.

She left 7 days ago, along with a delegation from the Liberal Party, many of them have remained unnamed or identified only through speculation.

All we know is that the trip is upon the invitation of The Friedrich Neumann Foundation for Freedom,  a non-governmental organization committed to promoting liberal policy and polictics.

Where is the Leni Robredo who issues press statements on a daily basis criticizing the Duterte administration and spreading misinformation about the president’s war on drugs?

Where is spokesperson Georgina Hernandez who’s always been on top of efforts to paint a sugar-coated image of the VP?

Where is Rappler, Inquirer, ABS-CBN and other news outlets that have always reserved prime pages and airtime in support the Lady of Laylayan?

Politikal Pinoy and many Filipinos have asked questions that have remained unanswered.

Who exactly are included in Robredo’s entourage?  What is their relevant role as members of the SA delegation?  Where is the usual video or press statement about the VP address to this conference?  Other than the conference address, what’s included in the group’s official itinerary? Who’s paying for the trip?  Is the Foundation also underwriting the travel expenses of Robredo’s delegation?

I thought we had this thing called Freedom of Information (FOI) and transparency?  Or do these not apply to Robredo and the Liberal Party?

The Filipino taxpayers deserve answers.


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