Politikal Pinoy’s Open Letter To TIME Magazine

IMG_0127Dear Time Magazine:

You can’t have it both ways: conduct an online poll then cast doubt on the results just because they are not what you expected.

Perhaps you have already decided who will be included in Time’s 2017 Most Influential People in the World. You may even have inadvertently given away your choices with this collage of photos you published.


While you are asking your readers to weigh in, you yourselves said that the ultimate decision rests with your editors. So why bother asking?

Oh that’s right. You need to drive people to your site or solicit subscriptions to your magazine, not to mention advertisements to help you recover from your sagging popularity. And credibility.

When your writer Mahika Gajanan implied in her article that President Rodrigo Duterte may have used social media, i.e., your online poll, to promote his agenda or paid people to push him to popularity online, she did not insult our president. Rather, she insulted the Filipino people.

If only Gajanan did her homework — as is expected of journalists working for such a prestigious magazine like yours — then she would have known that almost 9 out of 10 Filipinos support Duterte, including those who did not vote for him.

Duterte does not need to pay anyone to vote for him in your poll. In fact, he does not have any ambition to be on your list. He does not care about world popularity, otherwise he would be traversing the continents making nice with leaders and mouthing some sweet talk.

Filipinos number 100 million in a world population of more than 7 BILLION! To imply that Filipinos alone can influence the outcome of your online poll would be to say that they are an indispensable segment of your readership. That, or your poll is skewed in the first place.

Well, I have some news for you. Most Filipinos don’t even read or follow Time Magazine..

But one thing is also sure: Duterte is No. 1. Even without you poll.


31 thoughts on “Politikal Pinoy’s Open Letter To TIME Magazine

    1. A good letter to Time Magazine. Wether they (Time) like it or not we Filipinos local and abroad are millions supporters of President Duterte. Can’t accept the fact that he is number one on the poll oh well you better believe it

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  1. A pristigious Magazine “Time” commented so low. They still so far knowing Duterte, a man don’t care for popularity, how much more on paying people for it.

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  2. Time Magazine if u and ur writer mahita hav the guts to make insensitive remarks to the Filipinos, u need to go to Manila Luneta on 04.02.17 @ 4 pm so u can see urselves and interview real people why they support Pres Duterte, don’t let 💵💵💵 get the best of u🤑🤑🤑

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  3. Gustong gusto nila sirain si duterte palibhasa wala silang pangulong ganyan katapang an sincere sa sinumpaang tungkulin nya. Mga biased na media.

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    1. If I have my way, they’d better drop PRRD from their list and see who they wanted to see in their list. They do not believe us anyway so why bother ask for our opinions and bully us? They are just making use of us for more clicks. Because for us, online polls or not PRRD is #1 to our hearts.

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    2. How many Filipino readers subscribe to Time? Time had featured Duterte years ago when he was still the Mayor of Davao. As a Filipino aware of the bondage in this country, I saw the slant, and I admired him instead. He was not as known then, but his leadership has drawn me to Davao where I now choose to live. And I have since stopped reading Time. I grew up with it, and it’s a relief that we had other reading materials and books in the house that can help shape a mind.


  4. Time Magazine Mahita’s REMARK is not fair. If todays trending is paying this paying that….dont ever ever throw that to our beloved pres.Duterte And don’t ever ever look down on us,.. don’t ever ever compare us to those high ang migthy but lowly one. SO ALL MAHITAS REMARK WE’LL GIVE BACK TO TIME MAGAZINE about the poll. To politikal pinoy, thank you so much for speaking …

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  5. I don’t have fun of reading articles, even on this magazine, but if you people do not like what has come out favorably by the people of the of the world, and not what you want. You better close down your magazine business. It is look like that everywhere in this world, journalism is no longer with honesty and integrity, it is move by the money of the wealthiest, and to publish what they what. It is no longer in service for the interest of good, but surely, it is dictated by evil mind. I am not going to say sorry. But, this is the trend now a days. Money, more money, popularity, popularity by money.

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  6. Thank you for speaking up for us kabayan!!Mabuhay! This is a powerful msg if, only time will read it and do their homework. And i urge them to do so!How dare your writer MAHITA implied that we are paid online voters!!! President Duterte won by landslide! He won the election WITHOUT money but only from the votes of Filipinos who believes in his leadership and loves him as a person!!! The damage has been done and majority of us FELT INSULTED AND IS NOT HAPPY AT ALL! Tbh, i was one of the many who urged everyone to vote for the president at ur poll on social media and to imply that i am a paid voter is appalling. I never read any of your write ups and it only got my attention because my president was in it. You call yourselves journalists but you do not research nor fact checking? Maybe you should brand yourselves as propagandists rather than a bloody magazine who pretends to be prestige and for bloody elites only!!! On 2nd of April @4pm, kindly send your most bias writer MAHITA to manila, in Luneta park so she can see on her own eyes how many Filipinos supports President Duterte in a rally ORGANISED AND FUNDED BY HIS SUPPORTERS AND FILIPINOS ALL AROUND THE WORLD. It is called “Palit Bise” (change the vice president), a call for our useless vice president who you undoubtedly prefer to resign and leave her office that is being paid by the hardworking Filipinos. In time, you will be left stuck with your bias idealism against President Duterte and nobody will believe and listen to you lot! If you are not happy that President Duterte won your poll, you should have not included him there on the first place.. Really??? Why bother???

    Karen, United Kingdom of Great Britain


  7. Just be honest in publishing news and I assure you, you don’t need this kind of Poll. Just features good people and through word of mouth your magazine will patronize. The best magazine front page title that might Filipinos patronize your magazine and even other countries is “THE BEST PRESIDENT EVER IN THE PHILIPPNES FROM THE YEAR 1986 UP TO THE PRESENT IS PRESIDENT RODRIGO DUTERTE”.


  8. What is Time Magazine? is it a food I haven’ taste it yet. Its better to buy Home Magazine atleast ill learn how to make and organise my houae, Time Magazine? They just only poison your mind of non sense news and articles. Well who cares with or without Time Magazine Pres. Duterte still number 1 in the heart of the Filipino People.


  9. I know he doesn’t fit nicely to TIME’s ideal character, but the fact remains that he’s leading the poll and that should be respected.


  10. Tnx so much Political Pinoy for NAILING IT so well in our behalf!!… SHAME ON YOU BIASED JOURNALIST & PUBLISHERS…. God blessess & protects our President always😘😇😇


  11. This president do not need publicity and popularity. If Time Magazine do not like him, then do not include him on the survey. Most important if you are not agree with him, we respect your opinion but do not hurt the president by publishing biased and false news report. After all it is God will who put him in presidency and in God will to remove him.


  12. The Filipino people, like the island of the Philippines are scattered all over the world. We are peace loving, caring, family oriented and happy people. We deserve a president who is capable of preserving respect for his own people.TIME magazine, if you cannot accept our President, just back off. We love the father of our land, President Duterte.


  13. Ms gajanan, how much money did the corrupt politicians in the Philippines gives you to insult us who voted our president in your magazine???? How moron you are lady😈😖


  14. Remember that good or bad publicity is still publicity… Nice technique using one’s popularity to earn ratings ei. It’s what they wanted! Getting attention. Let me ask you my kababayan are majority of Filipinos interested in TIMES? Mostly they bothered to open the link to vote for our President and since it’s doing good for their ratings, they make up an issue for us to talk about them… One common technique of marketing that works well using the vulnerabilities of others and that is “DECEPTION.” It’s a low move but then anyone desperate will do it..🤔🤔🤔


  15. Carmen cabil from California:
    There were you are…TIME MAGAZINE ..how do you feel if we were insulted??? Now ?? you know how brave are the Filipinos? If you are being paid just to published hurting words against to our beloved President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, you’ve got a very very big mistakes, coz filipinos, will not keep silence. I am a filipino , i never afraid to fight our right up to the end. Mark these words. Thanks mga kababayan..lets
    fight our right. Mabuhay si President Rodrigo Roa Duterte.God bless us all.


  16. Dear time magazine to your journalist mahita you are wrong in judging on us Filipino people, we are not paid just to vote in your poll for the most famous influential person in the world.we vote in our own will no money involve because we love ourf president duterte..the first president that we have is very humble enough to show that he is poor and he doesn’t need the popularity. For your judgment we the Filipinos is being hurt. You all insulted us.for us with your prestigious magazine its nothing and having a very low class journalist mahita


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