The ‘Exoneration’ Of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte

Time photo

Rappler, New York Times, Time Magazine, Leni Robredo, Leila De Lima, Risa Hontiveros, Loida Nicolas-Lewis, Jim Paredes. I could go on and on.  They all sang in a chorus proclaiming to the world that Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte was a murderer and was responsible for the alleged extra-judicial killings (EJK) reported in connection with  the administration’s war on drugs.

Nevermind that they didn’t have any evidence for their accusation. Hell, the bigger the number they peddled — 7,000 and counting — the better for their ratings and their quest for the spotlight.

It was an Opera of cinematic proportions:  a state-sponsored killing spree by an administration that had no regard for the rule of law.

Even international organizations like the United Nations and the European Parliament got hooked on this elaborate piece of fairy tale.

Well, the curtains are about to fall, but not after a grand finale that leaves the cast of characters in shock, disappointment, and tragic shame.

The plot goes the opposite direction, thanks to a courageous diva who sings the truth and nothing but the truth — none other that Gwen Pimentel-Gana, Commissioner of the Philippine Commission of Human Rights.

State-sponsored EJKs?  No proof whatsoever.

Gana said there was no official policy ordering the Philippine National Police to kill suspected drug pushers and users.

“We never said that it was state-sponsored at all.” (Although they never said it wasn’t state-sponsored either.)

“There is no such finding that we can conclude that way. But what we can say is that the killings are still continuing and in an apparent vigilante manner [by] unknown assailants, so this is a police matter and they should be attending to this right away,” she said.

I can only imagine the cast of characters turning blue in the face. Now their credibility has just sunk.

Will they take back their lies?  Admit to their incompetence?

Fair. Balanced. Truthful.  These are qualities that none of the cast of characters possess.  They are villains in this Opera.  Villains with a lost cause.

What was the Opera again that ended in “Harakiri?” Not that we’re suggesting that the cast kill themselves. Extra-judicially.


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