Politikal Pinoy Asks: Who Authored The European Union Parliament’s Anti-PH Resolutions?


Things don’t happen in a vacuum. Not even in the European Parliament (EU Parliament.)

When a bill is filed in any Legislature, or when a Resolution is presented before any group or body, it is usually signed by the proponent. At the very least, the author’s name is rightfully acknowledged.

I’ve tried hard to research who authored two resolutions recently approved by the EU Parliament demanding Philippine Senator Leila De Lima’s release, and criticizing the alleged extrajudicial killings (EJK) in the country. I was unsuccessful.

So for purposes of transparency, Politikal Pinoy is asking: who authored or drafted the resolutions?

It is hard to believe that the entire EU Parliament — made up of 751 members (MEPs) in the 28-member states of the Union — is well informed or well versed on what’s happening in the Philippines.

The Philippines is not a member of the EU, and other than a “kumbaya” type of diplomatic/trade relationship and a chunk of “development aid” being dangled before our faces, the Filipinos stand to benefit little from this Western partnership. It will augur well for our country to focus on more mutually-beneficial relationships with countries in our Asia Pacific Region which is poised to become a block more powerful than countries in the West.

So back to the question on who drafted or authored the EU resolutions?

We do not have Philippine representatives or delegates to the Parliament. But we do have an EU Delegation to the Philippines, one of 140 diplomatic missions that represent the EU across the globe.

The delegation aims to strengthen EU-Philippine relations in particular through:
* Promoting strong economic and trade ties
* Developing EU-Philippines dialogue through the recently-signed Partnership and Cooperation Agreement
* Supporting the Government in its peace efforts in Mindanao
* Working with the Philippines’ Administration to reach the UN Millennium Development Goals.

The Delegation was officially opened on 15 May 1991 following the influx of official development assistance to the country after democracy was restored under the Aquino administration in 1986.

Since then, the Delegation has essentially been the information nerve centre in the Philippines, keeping EU headquarters in Brussels aware of local developments and serving as the natural point of contact between EU and Philippine officials.

Let me repeat that: “…information nerve centre in the Philippines, keeping EU headquarters in Brussels aware of local developments…”

So, it wouldn’t be entirely off base for me to suspect that the draft of the resolutions originated from Manila, specifically the diplomatic office of the EU.

If this were the case, the EU diplomatic office has betrayed the Filipino people by peddling the same lies and misinformation that the critics of the Duterte administration have been spreading here and abroad, aided and abetted by the biased and incompetent news media.

But my bigger question is, were there Filipinos who were involved in the draft preparation of the EU resolutions? Filipinos as in the Opposition in our government. Filipinos and Filipino groups as in those who have been vocal against EJKs or the war on drugs. Filipino groups as in those peddling a misdirected campaign on human rights. Filipinos living abroad who use their money to influence our country’s internal affairs. Filipinos as in those behind bars or are threatened to be behind bars because of criminal charges.

Given this faux diplomatic partnership between EU and the Philippines, and with the threat of pulling development aid and trade endorsements, is it time to close the EU Mission in Manila?

This is by no means an accusation as much as it is a question.

Politikal Pinoy wants some answers. NO, the Filipino people want answers!

At the very least, the EU Mission should come clean before the Filipino people.

NOTE:  This morning, 3/24, I sent an email to the EU delegation office in the Philippines seeking a response to this article, in the interest of fairness and accuracy.  I am committed to printing their response in this blog.  Stay tuned!


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