The Curious Case Of Vice President Leni Robredo

Just weeks after she assumed the post of Vice President, Leni Robredo told a Filipino American audience that her only job is to “wait for something to happen to the President.”

Nevermind that she was given — then quit — a job as Housing Czar in President Duterte’s Cabinet. She has taken on many self-assigned roles. Waiting in the sidelines was not one of them.

With the help of her PR and social media team, she tried to project an image of a hard-working VP, even taking credit for tasks and accomplishments that belonged to others in the Cabinet and in Duterte’s administration.

Soon enough, she abandoned her “waiting for the bus” image, and became a jet setter to the point of spending the holidays in the U.S. while her own constituents in Naga City were going through the devastating effects of a natural calamity.

Perhaps upon the prodding of her Liberal Partymates, she proudly announced that she was taking on the role as the leading voice of the Opposition.  And she did.

Almost on a daily basis, her media team issued statements, press releases and social media memes critical of Duterte. It didn’t matter whether or not her statements added up.

She spearheaded a “We Will Not Be Silenced” propaganda, while urging her team and supporters to help silence those that were critical of her. Many suspect that the shutting down of pro-Duterte social media pages were part of the machinations of the Robredo team.

She called the arrest of Senator Leila De Lima “political harassment,” discounting the judicial merit of the allegations brought against the former Justice Secretary.

She accused Duterte of being obsessed with “monopolizing power,” and of being “incapable of tolerating dissent, no matter how constructive.” Nevermind that the President has fully recognized the independence of the legislative and judicial branches of government and has allowed Robredo and others to openly criticize his administration. Come to think of it, has Robredo really offered any “constructive” criticism?

One of Robredo’s media statements called for rehabilitation, not retribution, for drug addicts, seemingly ignoring the fact that Duterte has not only opened mega drug rehabilitation centers but has offered free medicines to help those who have chosen to deal with their addiction.

In her latest salvo, the Vice President has chosen to put down Duterte, nay, the Philippines, before the international community, in a video statement critical of the war on drugs. Nevermind that she obviously didn’t have an understanding of the police’s “palit-ulo” scheme, incorrecty interpreting it as a suspect’s relative being taken in custody where said suspect could not be located.

Politikal Pinoy is curious whether Robredo, a lawyer, is even fact-checking her own statements.  Or is she just  beholden to her equally clueless team or perhaps partymates who are just using her to bring about  their return to power?


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