VP Leni Robredo’s Template Speech On The War On Drugs. Written In A Vacuum?

Politikal Pinoy was a speechwriter in a previous life.  We know when a speech is crafted by someone other than the speaker, and we can easily tell the lack of conviction when the speaker delivers the punchlines fed into the manuscript or teleprompter.

Leni Robredo’s videotaped speech on President Duterte’s war on drugs was nothing but a litany of tired cliches and a rehash of the opposition’s old rhetoric.

Of all people, the Vice President should be the last to mimic numbers used by the biased media when reporting about drug-related deaths.  Robredo is doing a big disservice to the country by towing the same line as the anti-Duterte camp that all killings are attributed to the administration and law enforcement.

She lectures as if her listeners are ignorant and don’t know that the drug problem is multifaceted. It’s a health issue, it’s a poverty issue, it’s an issue of criminality.  Duterte knows all that, as we all do.

Was Robredo asleep when hundreds of thousands of drug users surrendered?  Did she miss her morning newspapers or newscasts when news of massive drug rehabilitation centers opened?  Did her staff not tell her about the president’s directive to provide free medicines to those dealing with drug addiction?

Robredo sounded like the biased and incompetent news media when she blurted out a litany of supposed reports by people in poor neighborhoods and “squatter” areas about their safety and violation of their rights.  It sure sounded like the news media’s “anonymous sources.”

It is clear that her statement was written in a vacuum: almost everything she admonished the Duterte administration to do is already being done, or has been done.

Is Robredo just saying all these just for the sake of living up to her promise of being the lead voice of the opposition — even to the point of compromising truth and accuracy?

We’ll leave it to our readers to make that determination.  Here’s a video of Robredo’s statement:


3 thoughts on “VP Leni Robredo’s Template Speech On The War On Drugs. Written In A Vacuum?

  1. Grabe ka sayang boto ko sau traidor ka, bkit kailangan mo pa manawagan sa iba? Kapal mo!.kelan lng sa Baguio ka kasama ka sa occasion ng presidente pagtalikod mo ayan ka hayop ka.Nagsisisi kmi bakit binoto ka.


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