VP Leni Robredo And Her PR Machine Need To Use Google More


“Everyone has the right to file a case.”

This was the reaction of Vice President Leni Robredo when asked about the planned International Criminal Court (ICC) case to be filed by the camp of confessed hitman Edgar Matobato against President Rodrigo Duterte.

“Ako naman kasi, lahat may karapatan mag-file ng kaso,” she told reporters in Tarlac on Monday.

Except that Robredo, a lawyer,  and her PR machine didn’t do their research. It was as easy as using Google Search to learn more about how the ICC operates.

As previously discussed by PolitikalPinoy, only the independent Office of the Prosecutor of ICC can file a case before the international court.  Anyone can file a complaint which would still be subject to review and investigation by the prosecutor to determine whether it warrants the filing of a case.

But we understand.  Robredo and her team’s strategy is to jump on anything that would give them the opportunity to say something against President Duterte and his administration.

It makes us wonder how Robredo made it to the Bar. Not the one that serves alcohol, but that which makes it eligible for an individual to practice law.


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