GMA News, Rappler, Please Do Your Homework!

IMG_9596GMA News is reporting that the lawyer of self-confessed hitman Edgar Matobato will soon fly to The Hague, Netherlands to file a case before the International Criminal Court (ICC) against Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte for alleged crimes against humanity.

Big news, it is. Except for one thing.  GMA did not do its homework in its reporting.

A simple and quick check of the official website of the ICC provides crystal clear information on who can bring a case before the international court:  ONLY THE OFFICE OF THE ICC PROSECUTOR, and only after conducting preliminary examinations and investigations. Not Matobato. Not his lawyer.  Not Senator Trillanes.


Rappler similarly reported the “news” although it correctly stated that the ICC will act only when the national courts of a country are unable or unwilling to exercise jurisdiction. Still, Rappler failed to report that only the independent Office of the Prosecutor at ICC can file a case.

So, GMA News, Rappler, and other mainstream media, before you rush to publish any news, be sure to do your homework. Otherwise, you are just lending credence to what many already know about you — that you are biased, if not incompetent.


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