Mr. Perfecto Yasay, We Are Waiting For Your Resignation As Foreign Secretary


Was he or was he not a U.S. citizen?

Foreign Secretary Perfecto Yasay has repeatedly denied ever being a U.S. citizen or that he ever held a U.S. passport.

Well now in his own words — on live TV and taped video — he admits having taken his oath as a U.S. citizen and having a U.S. passport at one point in time.

Politikal Pinoy does not buy his argument that by his own volition to return to the Philippines and be a “full-fledged” Filipino citizen again, that his U.S. citizen oath or the U.S. passport issued him were practically rendered null and void.

It doesn’t take a legal mind to know that the bottom line is, Yasay lied.

So we are waiting for his resignation.  It would be to the benefit of the Duterte administration.


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