Foreign Secretary Perfecto Yasay’s Flawed Argument On His U.S. Citizenship

Philippines South China Sea
Foreign Secretary Yasay

UPDATE: The Commission on Appointments has unanimously rejected the appointment of Yasay as Foreign Secretary.

For months, Philippine Foreign Secretary Perfecto Yasay has categorically denied having ever been a U.S. citizen.

But in an interview with ABS-CBN’s Karen Davila, Yasay practically contradicted himself when he admitted having taken an oath as a U.S. citizen and having been issued a U.S. passport.

The citizenship oath and a U.S. passport are fool-proof evidence that Yasay lied.

In the interview, while admitting he took the oath and was issued a U.S. passport, he argued that because he had a “pre-conceived intent” of returning to the Philippines, that his oath of citizenship was “flawed and defective.”

Mr. Yasay, Politikal Pinoy is a U.S. citizen.  When we took our oath, we immediately became one.  In that oath, we renounced our Filipino citizenship, as we’re sure, you did too. Eventually, we became a dual citizen after Republic Act 9225 was put in place.

Remember that in 1986 which was when Yasay said he took his oath, RA 9225 which grants dual citizenship to natural-born Filipinos was not yet law.  It became so only in 2003.

IMG_9520So technically, Mr. Yasay, in taking his oath, was no longer a Filipino citizen at that point.

Yasay could never convince Politikal Pinoy about his pre-conceived intent of returning to the Philippines.  Because if he did have that intent, why would he even go through the process of naturalization in the first place?

When you took your oath, Mr. Secretary, you pledged to take your obligation “freely without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion.”

Mr. Secretary, you cannot have it both ways, and your argument is flawed.

You were a U.S. citizen.  And another question is:  when and what process did you go through to reaquire your Filipino citizenship?


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