A Perjured Witness: Is That The Best Case Scenario That Can Be Brought Against President Duterte?

Lascañas, right with the microphone, and Senator Trillanes, extreme left

DDS. It can mean two different things, depending on whose side your on.

It’s the ‘Davao Death Squad’ for those who are out to pin down President Rodrigo Duterte for his alleged involvement in extra-judicial killings while he was mayor of Davao City.

It’s “Die-hard Davao Supporters’ for those who, well, support Duterte.

So DDS, the Davao Death Squad, is back in the headlines and in the halls of Congress next week.

Retired Davao City cop Arturo “Arthur” Lascañas is set to appear before the Senate public order committee on Monday to testify under oath on his claims against President Rodrigo Duterte.

In a press conference last week, with Senator Antonio Trillanes sitting on the dais,  Lascañas claimed that the DDS exists, and that Duterte paid up to P100,00 for every target killed. He said Duterte, as city mayor of Davao, also ordered several people killed, including radio broadcaster Jun Pala.

And boy did the biased media jump into the bandwagon of sensational and “explosive” reporting.

But there is one problem. The same Lascañas testified, under oath, before the justice panel in October to answer the allegations of confessed hitman Edgar Matobato. Lascañas denied then that the DDS exists and that he was directly involved in the killings.

So Lascañas can recant all he wants and testify añew under oath that he lied the first time. How credible can he be this time around?

The issue of DDS has been brought up many times before in legislative and judicial forums.  To date, nothing has been proven and no charges have been filed, leaving the issue more political than criminal.

But our respectable and hard-working legislators have no problem spending yet more hours and days (and taxpayer money) revisiting the DDS as if now, they can finally come up with the “holy grail” from ‘new’ testimony from — that’s right — a perjured witness.

Let’s just call this “beyond pathetic.”


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