PNoy And His Men: Di Sila Maka-Move On!

Mabuti pa si Kris Aquino.  She knows that her brother, ex-President NoyNoy, faces the possibility of being jailed over the botched Mamasapano mission that led to the deaths of 44 police commandos more than two years ago.

She sent a text to President Duterte, asking him not to go after her brother. “Huwag mo namang ipakulong si NoyNoy,” she said.

The former President is facing homicide charges before the Ombudsman in connection with Oplan Exodus, a police operation on January 25, 2015 against terrorists Zulkifli bin Hir and Basit Usman in Mamasapano, Maguindanao.

But as far as PNoy and his men (and women) are concerned?

Well, we all saw that photo of NoyNoy, along with supporters “in black” trying to project the impression that the EDSA commemoration is still about the Aquinos and the promises of change from 31 years ago.


And speaking of promises, Aquino’s former spokesperson, Edwin Lacierda, just tweeted this:


What a moronic tweet, taking Duterte to task for “promises” that have not been fulfilled six months into his presidency.

How soon can Lacierda forget the many promises of his former boss that have not been fulfilled after six years of NoyNoy being in a bubble?

Comparing Duterte’s 6 months vs. Aquino’s 6  years, the Philippines has seen significant changes under Digong never imagined by any Filipino to happen in any administration. But they did under Duterte!

And if we can be so literal about promises, Aquino promised to let himself be run over by a train if his promise to improve Metro Manila’s light railway system by a certain date didn’t happen.

Well, it didn’t.

Filipinos are still waiting, and waiting, and waiting…


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