Senator Risa Hontiveros Calls Filipino Millennials ‘The New EDSA’ While Musician Jim Paredes Berates Them

img_9402Senator Risa Hontiveros. Musician Jim Paredes.  They’re on the same team. Both are anti-Duterte.  They are fans of the Black and White Movement that tried to gather hundreds of thousands to commemorate EDSA 31 last weekend for their own selfish, political reasons (they failed).

But Hontiveros tried to project a different image, one that is very concerned about the future of this country, calling Filipino millennials — those who weren’t even born during the People Power Revolution of 1986 — ‘The New EDSA.’  She called on the youth to show up at EDSA 31.

Well, the youth did show up. Like the small group of Duterte Youth,  unfurling a banner supporting President Duterte and his programs for change. The same kind of change that represented the spirit of EDSA 1.

But what happens?  This Filipino-Australian named Jim Paredes, riding on the coattails of his being a celebrity from decades past, confronts this group of millennials, talking down on them as if he owns EDSA and had the moral authority to lecture the youth on the alleged extra-judicial killings under the Duterte administration.

Nevermind that Paredes’ mom was a member of a middle-class group that planned and executed the murder of Filipinos under the guise of wanting to expel a dictatorial regime. It was called the Light-A-Fire Movement that carried bombings that killed and injured innocent people. I believe such a group is called ‘terrorist’ in millennial terms.

So where is the disconnect, Ms. Hontiveros and Mr. Paredes?

Did you guys discuss this when you showed up at EDSA in your matching black t-shirts?  img_9382

I think the Filipino millennials deserve a clearer message.


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