Davao Death Squad: When You Corroborate The Claim Of A False Witness, What Does That Make You?

Lascañas at a press conference called by Senator Trillanes

A veteran Davao policeman on Monday, February 20, appeared at a press conference called by Senator Trillanes to corroborate earlier claims by whistle-blower Edgar Matobato on the involvement of President Rodrigo Duterte in the so-called Davao Death Squad (DDS).

“Totoo po ang Davao Death Squad,” declared SPO3 Arturo “Arthur” Lascañas, who retired from the Philippine National Police in December last year. (The Davao Death Squad is real.)

Four months ago, Lascañas testified under oath before the Philippine Senate, denying his involvement in the Davao Death Squad.

Matobato’s Senate testimony all but crumbled and has not helped any to prove the allegation about the existence of the DDS under then Mayor Duterte. No less than Senate President Aquilino Pimentel has said that Matobato’s testimony was a “waste of time.”

How credible is Lascañas press conference statement after his flip-flop?

In his statement, he said that it is his fear of God, his love for his country and the pursuit of his personal conscience that led him to make this “public confession.” Take that from a man who now claims he has conspired to commit murder!

Any witness testimony should be considered in the light of a person’s credibility and integrity. Certainly, someone who turns 180 degrees on a statement under oath should not be considered credible nor reliable. Especially when circumstances on his turn-around seems to have been instigated by yet another non-credible individual in the person of Trillanes.

I am reminded about one of God’s Commandments: ‘Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor.’

So if you corroborate the statement of a “false witness” what does that make you, Mr. Lascañas?

And what does that make of you, Mr. Trillanes?


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