Got Facebook or Twitter? It Could One Day Jeopardize Your Travel Visa, Green Card Or U.S. Citizenship Application.


Who would have thought that in 21st Century America, the president would call for the establishment of a Muslim registry, shut the country’s doors to refugees, or ban the re-entry of foreign nationals who have been granted green cards after having gone through a rigid vetting process. All in the name of “making America safe.”

Judging by just the first week of Donald Trump’s presidency — with the issuance of executive orders that undermine or deny health care, women’s right to choose, free speech, free trade, safe drinking water, freedom from torture and other human rights — we could expect worse.

I can almost see that under the Trump administration, your Facebook, Twitter or other social media accounts could be used against you when applying for a federal job, or worse for non-citizens, when seeking a travel permit, green card, or even citizenship.

It has been reported that the government will start scanning Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media accounts of thousands of federal employees and contractors applying and re-applying for security clearances in a first-ever policy released last week. You don’t even need to provide your password; all that’s needed is for investigators to search your public posts.

While you can on your own try to delete all your social media posts that you think might be incriminating to you, the fact is, most of what’s on the Internet stays on the Internet. Like Las Vegas.

Already, the Trump administration has suspended the visa interview waiver program in which foreign nationals who have been granted multiple entry visas to the United States need not appear for a face-to-face interview with a consular officer when renewing their expired visas.

It is not far-fetched that your scanned social media posts will be a subject of that interview that’s now required for visa renewal.

That’s just for people who have freely come in and out of the U.S. How much more for new tourist visa applicants, green card applicants, or applicants for U.S. citizenship?

You’ve been forewarned!


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