Where Is FilAm Millionaire Loida Nicolas-Lewis On What’s Happening Under Donald Trump?


It is no secret that Filipino American millionaire Loida Nicolas-Lewis has publicly called for the resignation of Rodrigo Duterte, citing the Philippine president’s failed campaign promise to solve the illegal drug problem within 3-6 months. She was very critical of the killings and “human rights violations” related to the war on drugs.

It is no secret either that Nicolas-Lewis is a supporter of Vice President Leni Robredo, openly campaigning for the Roxas-Robredo tandem during last year’s Philippine presidential elections.

In calling for Duterte’s resignation, she believes that it was time for Robredo to take over the presidency.

Well, we also know that Nicolas-Lewis, a dual citizen, campaigned hard for Hillary Clinton and against Donald Trump.

Trump promised to make “America great again,” except that everything he has done in just the first week of his presidency had been the exact opposite. Trump, in his series of Executive Orders and pronouncements, has acted to repeal Obamacare, curtail free speech and free trade, build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, give the green light to poison the water along the Dakota pipeline, restore torture, create a Muslim registry, bar refugees and green card holders from entering or re-entering the U.S. and outlaw the freedom of choice. And he’s not done yet.

So why is Nicolas-Lewis the American being quiet on the Trump issue and his emerging horrible record on human rights?

She has said that just like Filipino overseas workers (OFWs), she had all the right to criticize the Duterte government. As an American, she has exactly that same right to criticize Trump.

Shouldn’t she also use her prominence and financial resources to publicly call for the resignation of Donald Trump?

We look up to her to use her bully pulpit to call for the ouster of Trump like she did with Duterte.

Or is her silence an admission that in America, she matters not?



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