Will It Take A President Trump To Unite Filipinos And Rally Behind Duterte?

IMG_8603.PNGMore than three-fourths of Filipinos support and approve of the administration of Rodrigo Duterte. Of course it would be naive to think that there are no individuals or groups that are critical of the president’s policies, pronouncements and approach to solving corruption and criminality.

He has been accused of being a dictator, a “murderer” and an enemy of human rights.

Many activist groups have criticized him for his comments on women, drug lords and addicts, as well as his tirade against governments and institutions that have been critical of his rogue style of leadership. Some have questioned his veering away from old ally United States and gravitating towards countries like China and Russia.

But then, on the day when Donald Trump takes over the realm of the U.S. government, these very same activist groups have come forward to protest the Trump presidency and are asking Duterte to make good on his promise to chart a foreign policy independent of the U.S. Politikal Pinoy thinks they will not be disappointed.

Is it also now time for anti-Duterte Filipino Americans to show their support for the Philippine president — even if it’s just their way of protesting a Donald Trump who represents everything that demeans the status of immigrants who have come to America to pursue the American dream?

Whether FilAms like it or not, Trump’s ‘America First’ may not necessarily be inclusive of them and their loved ones back home.

For all we know, a Trump presidency will have an even worse record than what anti-Duterte folks are accusing the Philippine president of.

It’s just been Day 1 of Trump’s presidency, and his actions have already threatened our rights and privileges as FilAms.

It’s only going to get worse.



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