What VP Robredo Needs To Do To “Mend” Relationship With President Duterte


Vice President Leni Robredo said on Saturday she hoped to get another chance to mend fences with President Rodrigo Duterte after she was disinvited to his first vin d’honneur at Malacañang two weeks ago.

She said she had not seen or talked to the President since she quit his Cabinet in December over political differences.

Politikal Pinoy believes that the VP deserves that chance, but she needs to earn it.

First, she needs to categorically disown the alleged ouster plot against Duterte, and to distance herself from calls (by Loida Nicolas Lewis and others) for the president to resign and let her take over.

Second, she needs to stop issuing press releases criticizing every single Duterte policy and other statements just for the sake of trying to remain relevant and within the radar of the news media.

Third, she needs to step back from attempting to “involve” herself in government projects and programs that she doesn’t have jurisdiction or authority over.

Lastly, if she wants to be part of Duterte’s team (Cabinet position or not), she needs to tow  the line as a team member and not as a self-proclaimed dissenter for purposes of media exposure or just to satisfy the whims of the political party that used her as a pawn to cling to the power they obviously lost through Duterte’s election.


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