For Donald Trump, “The End Is Near”


Does the 45th president of the United States foresee a short(ened) term of office?

Well, if we were to go by his choice of song for his and Melania’s inaugural dance, that may seem to be the case.

Trump chose Frank Sinatra’s classic, “My Way.”

Trump supporters think it’s a perfect choice because the president-elect has always done things his way — from his businesses to his campaign to his choice of advisers and Cabinet members.

But others aren’t so sure.

Sinatra’s daughter, Nancy reminded Trump about the song’s first line: “And now, the end is near…”

In the Philippines, it is popularly sung by adult Filipinos (especially men) in parties and Karaoke bars. This song is considered the most dangerous and “deadliest” of all because it has resulted in the killing of those who choose to sing the song.

In the U.K., the song — recorded on December 30, 1968 and released the following year, has overtaken other hymns as a top choice for funerals.

We’re not wishing the president-elect any harm, but hey, he chose the song. We didn’t!


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