Why Ninoy Aquino Could Have Supported Marcos’ Burial At Libingan Ng Mga Bayani And Extra-Judicial Killings

Ninoy (Image credit: Filipiknow)

Yes, it’s the same Ninoy Aquino whose assassination sparked the People’s Power Revolution.  The same Aquino who symbolized Cory’s rise to the presidency.  The same Aquino who is the inspiration of Noynoy’s, Mar Roxas’ and Leni Robredo’s Liberal Party.

If Ninoy where alive today, would he have participated in the rallies protesting Ferdinand E. Marcos’ burial at Libingan Ng Mga Bayani? Would he have led cries of “Never Again” to Martial Law? Would he have approved of extra-judicial killings under Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs?

In his piece, ” What Ninoy told the US about Marcos”  published in the Inquirer, columnist Ambeth Ocampo reveals some interesting things the late former senator reportedly told American diplomat John Forbes.

Forbes documented his conversation with Aquino in a confidential telegram sent to the US State Department on the 21st September 1972 where he detailed how Aquino noted the “rapidly worsening law and order and Communist dissident problems” of the time and the economic woes faced by the Marcos government.

Ninoy reportedly said that he would support Marcos’s plan to implement martial law even as he doubted that the government possessed adequate resources to carry it out. He also reportedly said that if he were president he wouldn’t hesitate to take strong measures and said he would “execute corrupt officials at Luneta as a lesson to other officials that he meant business.”

Based on these revelations, would Aquino have supported another Martial Law regime, and would he have come to the defense of Duterte regarding the purported extra-judicial killings that have been the blackeye in the president’s war on drugs?

Or should the statements attributed to Ninoy simply be interpreted as “hyperbole?”


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