#LeniLeaks: What Say You Inquirer, ABS-CBN?

img_8266Politikal Pinoy believes that in the court of law, the accused is presumed innocent until proven guilty. So pending full investigation of #LeniLeaks, let’s assume that Inquirer and ABS-CBN are innocent of the allegation that they or their representatives are part of the U.S.-based group plotting the ouster of Philippine President Duterte.

One of the ‘leaked’ emails talks about the Yahoo Group called Global Filipino Diaspora Council (GFDC) that apparently belonged to the people rallying behind Vice President Leni Robredo — people like the millionaire lobbyist Loida Nicolas-Lewis, her sister Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO) Chariman Imelda Nicolas, CFO Commissioner Jose Manalo Jr., Philippine Daily Inquirer US Bureau columnist Ted Laguatan, ABS_CBN Europe News Bureau correspondent Atty. Gene Alcantara and Northern Europe civil society leader Filomenita Mongaya Hogsholm.

The #LeniLeaks issue is significant enough that it has prompted Malacañang to investigate the matter. That in itself should merit news media coverage.

The Manila Times was the first local mainstream media to report on #LeniLeaks. It was, in fact their front page story in their Sunday edition this week. Others followed suit, including Manila Bulletin and Philippine Star. As of this writing, we saw an article posted by GMA news.

As far as Inquirer or ABS-CBN News is concerned? Nada. Nothing. Zilch. Is their silence about a top trending item — one that has implications on national security and destabilization of the government — an admission of guilt?

We’re not talking about the court of law here. We’re talking about the court of public opinion where people rely on information from the news media. To deliberately hide this news from their readers or viewers is tantamount to suppressing the truth which is the primary reason the Third Estate exists.

I won’t accept the argument that Inquirer and ABS-CBN have not reported on this issue because it has not been proven to be the truth. What about the truth that it is now being investigated by the government, that the alleged personalities involved have been silent?

And may I remind Inquirer and ABS-CBN of their extensive coverage of the Senate and House hearings on the illegal drug trade at the New Bilibid Prison and the extra-judicial killings related to the war on drugs, neither of which have been proven to be absolute truths by any of the star witnesses brought in to testify. Matobato. Espinosa. Dayan.

Oh, that’s right. The news media is supposed to report on the news, not to be IN the news. Bull!


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