Who’s Afraid Of Mocha Uson, Miss Sass And Thinking Pinoy?

IMG_8176.PNGThere’s the war on drugs.  Then there’s the war happening on social media between Duterte supporters and the “opposition.” We’re talking alleged trolls and flat-out propaganda.

We now know of course that Vice President Leni Robredo has officially branded herself as the voice of the opposition.  At no time has this become more evident than immediately after the controversy that was generated by Robredo’s holiday trip to the U.S. while her own hometown of Naga City was battered by typhoon Nina.

Responding to criticism that the VP chose a vacation in the U.S. as opposed to a staycation in the Philippines, her office launched an organized, deliberate attempt at damage control, oftentimes portraying Robredo as a “working VP” even while enjoying an American holiday.

The Office of the Vice President (OVP), in a series of press releases and statements, said that Robredo had ordered the setting up of typhoon relief operations in Bicol, even claiming at one point that relief goods from the Department of Social Welfare and Development were being “coursed” through the OVP, something flatly denied by the welfare agency.

As expected, Robredo and her office received a lot of flak and criticism on social media from the likes of bloggers Mocha Uson, Netherlands-based Sass Rogando Sasot and the ever “anonymous” Thinking Pinoy.

It was then that the “war” against Robredo’s critics went into full gear.

Trolls began to spread that Uson had received a P300,000 check from former senator and VP candidate Bongbong Marcos, presumably in “payment” for her attacks against Robredo and anti-Duterte folks.  Photos of the check bearing a likeness to the signature of Marcos spread like wildfire.

Being the fighter that she is, Uson challenged anyone who can present to her the alleged check will be “rewarded.” She offered to pay that person double the amount of the check. To date, no one has come forward to claim the “reward.”

Then, Sasot revealed that there had been photos and accusations going around the Internet that she was her high class’ “escort girl.”  Apparently, Sasot’s photos were being taken from her Facebook page to help “document” the accusations.

As for Thinking Pinoy?  Well, the anti-Duterte folks are probably having a difficult time “digging dirt” from a person who remains anonymous. But apparently, TP has been receiving death threats.

So who’s afraid of Uson, Sasot and Thinking Pinoy?  The more important question is: what are they afraid of?

I say, instead of wasting time bashing the trio and other pro-Duterte netizens, they should instead focus their attention on the real threat to the opposition: the 16 million Filipinos who voted for Duterte and the almost 80% of the population who continues to have Duterte’s back.  These are the people they should be afraid of.



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