Whatever Happened To This Leni Robredo?

IMG_8142.PNGWhatever happened to this congresswoman who took the back stairs to the plenary hall for the State of the Nation Address in order to avoid the glitz, the glamour and the prying cameras of the red carpet?

Whatever happened to this simple and humble widow whose commuting preference was the bus because it was much cheaper than flying?  We initially thought the second highest position in the land wouldn’t change her ways because she did take the bus to attend her own inauguration party in her hometown of Naga City.

Now we a see a jet-setting VP, vacationing in the America while her hometown was ravaged by a destructive typhoon, generous with her smiles as she is followed by news cameras.  No longer the shy and humble widow but rather a self-proclaimed “voice of the opposition” ever ready to criticize every move by the administration and trying to claim credit when it is not due her.

What changed?

I still believe she has a naturally good heart, but she is being corrupted by her own entourage of people and the losers in her party who can’t accept the fact that their power and influence have been cut off by 16 million voters.

It’s time for Leni to listen to the voice of the people — the overwhelming majority who continue to trust and support this administration. After all, she is just a breath away from being their president. God forbid.


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