The Inconsistencies Of Loida Nicolas-Lewis

IMG_8133.PNGFilipino American millionaire LOIDA NICOLAS-LEWIS, while denying that she was plotting to oust Rodrigo Duterte, has openly called for the Philippine president to resign, “and let Leni Robredo take over.”

However, in a single interview with ABS-CBN in New York, Nicolas-Lewis contradicted herself not once, but several times.

In denying the alleged ouster plot, she said that she believed in the democratic process. Really? Yet she is calling for the resignation of a democratically-elected president whose current satisfactory rating among Filipinos (living in the Philippines) is currently at a +78, net? (Compare that to Robredo’s +37 net rating, a 12-point decline from the previous SWS survey).

Halfway through the interview, she turns her vitriol towards Bongbong Marcos who she fears will become president if Duterte leaves or is stripped of the presidency.

Is Nicolas-Lewis familiar with the Philippine Constitution? The same democratic process she talks about mandates that in the event a vacancy occurs in the presidency, the vice president takes over — Leni, not Bongbong.  Marcos is not even in line for the succession, since he’s not Senate President.  In fact, he is no longer a sitting senator.

She bases her fear of a Bongbong presidency on a joke Duterte once made when he said the younger Marcos might become the next vice president. IF HE WINS HIS ELECTORAL PROTEST.  Let me repeat that for you, Ms. Nicolas-Lewis: If he wins his electoral protest.

The same democratic process she talks about includes the right to contest an election.  It would still be the case had Marcos won and Robredo decides to file an electoral case.

Again, in the interview, she calls on the 16 million Filipinos who voted for Duterte to be afraid (‘Matakot kayo, matakot kayo’) not of Duterte but of Bongbong Marcos.  Who are you really “plotting against” Ms. Nicolas-Lewis: Duterte or Marcos?

It is so very easy for someone like Loida to call for the resignation of a democratically-elected president — from the comfort of her million-dollar home in the United States, listening to the one-sided reporting of the Western media.

No, I’m not going to speculate on her connection to the Philip Goldberg “blueprint” to destabilize the Duterte government or rumors about her financial backing for anti-Duterte movements or elements.  I do not have any proof.

But if there is one thing I admire about Miss Nicolas-Lewis is her consistency on her political choice of PNoy, Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo. She’s Liberal Party through and through.

Oh, and yes, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.  It’s probably the only point she and I agree on.  Obama and Clinton.

Here’s the interview with Loida.  Listen to it from the horse’s mouth.


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