Traveling Leni

img_8010After being criticized for being away on vacation in the U.S. while typhoon Nina battered the Bicol region including her hometown of Naga City, Vice President Leni Robredo’s first move upon arriving in the Philippines was to have a photo opp with victims of a fire that gutted houses along NIA Road in Quezon City. She could have flown directly (or ridden a bus) to Naga City.

She stepped on the shoes of QC Mayor Herbert Bautista and local and national agencies by issuing a statement that she will coordinate relief and housing efforts, assuring victims that they will stay put in the burned neighborhood.

Mayor Bautista’s statement is contrary to what Leni said. Bautista wanted to relocate the victims to a safer neighborhood that is less prone to fires and other issues like dengue and tetanus.

Robredo, who resigned her Cabinet post as Duterte’s Housing Czar, is committing resources and policy that are not within her power. As she herself said when she was in the U.S. several months ago, the only job of the VP is to wait for something to happen to the president.


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